Remove ads easily from your Android or iOS Smartphone

Remove ads from your Smartphone (Android & iOS)

Advertisements in websites, blogs and forums have always been there. While the reputable sites only include ads which won’t impact there users’ experience, there is no end to the sites which include annoying and often misleading ads. Besides that, apps on your phones also earn by displaying ads. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t prefer looking at ads, especially the annoying ones then you can follow this article to get rid of or remove ads from your smartphone.

Depending on the source of ads, you may follow different measures if you wish to. You might even face ads for no reason if your smartphone is infected with malware. It could be due to installation of infected app.

How to remove ads from your smartphone?

There can be different measures followed for different kind of ads’ source. Though, you can block all ads on your phone by following some methods, it is still better to remove the source of annoying ads whose source isn’t known by you.

Device Specific Ads:

There are brands which include ads in their device by default. Users are mostly given option to opt-out of the same, but it is common for people to ignore it. And later the users get annoying notification ads. At times, some not-so-good brands can even include annoying banner ads which can appear out of nowhere.

You can usually find brand specific methods to disable these kinds of ads. These are usually labelled as “Recommendations” by the brands, and you must disable the same from most of their own apps. Besides that, some of their pre-installed apps may continue to annoy you and you may need to use ADB to remove those system applications.


If you are getting notification and banner ads out of nowhere and you are sure that your phone brands have nothing to do with this, then it could be malware. You might have installed some application which was actually malicious, and it infected your device. These apps are often hard to find once you have installed them.

If you are having this problem, then the first thing you should do is to look over installed app list and look for any suspicious app name. If you find one, uninstall it. At times, these apps take administrative permission, but you can take it back to uninstall it.

In case you were unable to identify it, you may install MalwareByte app from Play Store and scan your device once. It helped a lot of my friends when they ended up infecting their device while installing useless apps. If nothing helps, then you may need to format your device.


This is simplest solution to get rid of most kind of ads. AdGuard provides different methods to block ads on your device and you can choose the method you prefer.

You can simply use their DNS instead of your ISP one and it will do decent job in getting rid of ads from everywhere. The other method is using their app which basically connects you to their DNS through VPN connection. Both methods basically perform the same, but you must remember that there is a free limit on AdGuard. It is enough for regular users though, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty.

It can be used in Android and iOS both.

Root Access:

You can use adblocker apps such as AdAway which require root access to disable ads on your device. If you regularly update their source, then it will be a great help to you.

Besides that, you can edit the hosts file on your device and add the domain address of all the ads website. You must remember to back up your hosts file before doing anything. Simply copy the hosts from this page and you will be having decent ad free experience.

Browser with Adblocker:

If you are fine with ads in apps and only want to get rid of apps in websites which you’re browsing then you can also shift to a web browser with AdBlock support. You can use Brave browser if you don’t want to leave your Chromium experience. And if you lack trust on Brave browser then you may try Firefox browser and then install uBlock Origin.

For iOS users, you may install various AdBlock apps available in the App Store. Firefox on Android doesn’t have extension support, so you cannot install anything in it. And Brave browser is pretty lame in it. So, I recommend staying with Safari to iOS users.


I hope this article was helpful to you. I would recommend you to not disable ads which doesn’t harm your experience, to help support the site owners because it is difficult to pay for the hosting and domain bills when the website isn’t generating revenues. So, try to not use AdBlock on such sites. If you liked the article, then be sure to share it with your friends and family.

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