stop microsoft edge from running in background and in startup

Stop Microsoft Edge from running in background!

Microsoft have been trying to make their web browser (i.e., Microsoft Edge) a popular choice among their Windows users. They have tried to improve their browser by adding useful features which also make the browser run in background if you open it once. It might be fine for those who use Edge as their default browser, however, if you don’t use it then you might want to stop Microsoft Edge from running in background.

Microsoft Edge was liked by many users after they switched to Chromium for being fast and using less RAM (compared to Google Chrome). A lot of people even switched to it from their default browser. However, with time, they have been adding a lot of bloats in the browser and making it heavy. So, some of these users might be switching back to their older browser.

It automatically starts with your computer, if you have opened it once. And you will open it a lot more times than that, since Microsoft makes sure that links from different apps/software are opened in Microsoft Edge, not with your browser (for the most part, you can setup your browser to open these links though).

So, if you want to stop Microsoft Edge from running in background for no reason, even if you’re Edge user then you can follow these simple steps to disable the same.

How to stop Microsoft Edge from running in background and in start-up?

1 – Open Microsoft Edge and then click on Settings and more (three dots at the top).

Click on Settings

2 – Click on Settings > System and performance.

Disable Auto Start and Run in background

3 – Disable Startup Boost and Continue running background extensions and apps when Microsoft Edge is closed. That’s it.

Now you can close the browser and it won’t be running in background for no reason. I don’t recommend disabling the second option (of not letting it run in background) if Edge is your default browser. It could be helpful for your user experience.


I hope the article was helpful to you. It does make sense to not disable it from running in background if you never use it. It doesn’t have any meaningful impact on the performance of your computer. However, it could still be useful for those who are running low on RAM and don’t want anything unnecessary to use RAM.

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