download apex legends on ios

How to download Apex Legends Mobile on iPhone / iPad (iOS)?

Apex Legends is extremely popular PC battle-royale game and they are finally releasing it on mobile phones (on both Android and iOS). However, right now, they have only released the game for select ten regions and obviously, it doesn’t include many regions (like India, Pakistan, South Korea etc.) where mobile gaming is extremely popular as well. I’ll tell you in this article on how to download Apex Legends Mobile on iPhone / iPad (iOS) even if it’s not available for your region.

It is pretty easy for Android users to try games which are not available for their region because they can simply download and install the .APK file. It seems hard for iOS users but actually, it is pretty easy as well. So, if you got an iPhone or iPad and want to play the game before it releases, here’s how you can do so.

How to download and play Apex Legends Mobile on iPhone or iPad?

  • It’s quite easy. First of all, you need to open App Store and then tap on your profile picture on upper right corner in Search section.
  • Now you will need to click on your name.

download apex legends mobile on ios

  • It will ask for Face ID or Touch ID, once it is done you need to tap on Country/Region option.

download apex legends mobile on ios


  • Now again click on Change Country or Region and choose Singapore on next page.
  • Agree to the T&C and then select Payment method as None and fill the rest of the details.
  • Click next and you’re done.
  • Now, you simply need to search for Apex Legends Mobile or click here to directly open the App Store page.

download apex legends mobile on iphone or ipad

  • Once you’ve downloaded the game, remember you will need VPN to open the game. I personally used Clear VPN, as I got free subscription by using a coupon code (SAVEUKRAINE). You can use the same and connect with Singapore or your nearest region which got early release.


You can use some other region as well. I just used Singapore because that’s what I usually use to download games or apps which are not available in my country. And remember, not every VPN works with some games like this (in my case, Tunnel Bear didn’t work). So, try different VPNs or use the one I mentioned. Happy gaming on your iPhone / iPad!

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