Is 5G really dangerous for us or environment?

Is 5G really dangerous for us and the environment?

“5G is dangerous”, that’s something which is floating around the corners since a while now. There are many activists around the world who claim that it is harmful for living beings and try to stop its deployment by network operators. These “activists” even seems to show random proofs but the question is- how true is that?

5G is slowly being deployed by networks operators in many countries, while the developed countries have already deployed it, it’s still not reached to as many areas as 4G or 3G/2G. However, the rumours sure reached most places which made many people worried for their or their loved ones’ health.

So, why 5G is considered dangerous?

It’s mainly being considered dangerous or harmful for humans and other living beings because of the fact that it can emit high radiation levels. 5G can work from 30 GHz to 300 GHz radio waves. However, it’ll be deployed only until 100 GHz by mobile operators.

So, are these harmful? No.

5G will be deployed only until 100 GHz which is still far from ionizing radio waves (even 300 GHz is far, to be honest). So, the electromagnetic waves from 5G will be non-ionizing, which means that it won’t have harmful effects on us.

There are many graphical presentations regarding this which shows how far 5G’s electromagnetic waves are from ionizing waves. And often, they’re mis-used by anti-5G propagandists who are just looking for ways to make others join.

For example, if you look into the representation of radio waves of 5G and sunlight, you’ll see, it’s really close to each other. However, if you look at the values, you’ll realise that sunlight is having radio waves which surpasses 5G by far. So, you shouldn’t be comparing those two, at least.

And then there were rumours of birds dying due to 5G testing. Well, the same were later debunked by government officials of the locations or by news reporters. So, if you’re here after seeing dead birds, you can be assured that the same was not due to 5G testing. It’s being tested as well as deployed in many countries and we’re not seeing dead birds.

5G is safe!

Is 5G really dangerous for humans and environment?


Well, if you’ll look into the scientific facts about 5G, you can be assured that it’s perfectly safe. And if it wasn’t safe then no government would have allowed the deployment of 5G. Many scientists and researchers have worked hard to reach this stage. And there have been many researches done on impact of 5G radio waves on our health. So, try to have faith in those who possess knowledge regarding the same instead of relying on unknown sources.

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