How to setup My Card in iPhone?

Apple iPhones are quite popular among youngsters as well as professionals who wants a smartphone which “just works”. Well, even though iPhones are reliable, they also have bugs here and there, especially after new iOS updates. And not being able to save “My Card in iPhone or iPad” is certainly one of such bugs which have been there since a while.

If you’re trying to setup your “My Card” but as soon as you are done, it just disappears, often just in front of your eyes, then don’t worry. It’s quite normal bug which have bothered me and many others as well and there are many solutions for the same. I’ll list the simplest solution, so you do not need to waste a lot of your time.

How to setup My Card in an iPhone?

It’s quite easy. First of all, you need to create an Contact for your My Card, if you haven’t already.

iPhone My Card

Once you’re done with your own Contact, go to Settings and scroll down until you find Contacts.

iPhone My Card

Now you’ll find “My Info” option at the bottom. Just tap on it and select your own contact. That’s all.

iPhone My Card

Now you should be able to see your contact information in My Card section.

I hope this article helped you. There are some other workarounds to do the same, but I just prefer this way because it’s extremely easy to perform. Often, people set it manually and the My Card vanish away or gets removed automatically. However, if you follow this method, your My card will remain saved.

iPhone’s My Card doesn’t really have much significance though. However, it is needed to setup your iPhone’s medical ID which could be helpful for emergency situations. Besides that, your Contacts app looks better when you’ve setup My Card in your iPhone, so why not set it up, right? 😉

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