Here's why you get better speed and ping during calls

Why you get better speed and ping during calls?

One of the most common problem people go through is- slow mobile data speed, especially on those places where signal reception isn’t great. However, with some network operators, speed and ping or latency gets better during calls compared to usual. And for some, it’s much more stable too. So, why does it happen?

Another thing is- it doesn’t work for everyone or at every location. So, what’s the exact reason behind this?

Why you get better speed and ping during calls?

better speed and ping during calls

I have seen many people thinking that during calls, your phone is connected to higher priority network. Or something like this. And that’s not exactly true.

Actually, network operators provide 4G services in multiple network bands. These network bands use different frequencies. Higher network frequency can provide faster data speed but the signal cannot travel long distance. And similarly, lower network frequency can provide long distance coverage but the data speed isn’t that fast.

Your phone usually prefers to use the higher network frequency band (such as 1900 MHz, 2300 MHz etc.), to be able to provide higher data speed. And sadly, your phone switches to them regardless of their working condition. So, they might be extremely slow or not working at all. And yet your phone will prefer to use it.

However, when you are in a calling session, your phone usually shifts to lower frequency band (such as 700 MHz, 800 MHz etc.) for better calling experience.

You experience better speed and / or latency if the higher frequency band’s signal is poor or heavily congested in your area.


It can’t be always result in positive experience for you though. There will be places where you might suffer slower speed during calls and horrible ping. And another thing is- it mainly works when your phone is not using carrier aggregation, because when it does, it uses multiple network bands which usually results in better speed. However, if the situation is just like I mentioned here, you will get better speed and ping during calls.

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