cloudflare warp stuck on connecting

Cloudflare WARP VPN stuck on “Connecting”!

Cloudflare’s WARP is quite famous among people because it’s not just free but fast as well as quite trustworthy. It’s not like typical VPNs which people usually use to hide their identity, but it’s for those who want to improve their Internet connection and it works for many, mainly for those whose ISP don’t have great routing. There are some issues surrounding WARP though. There are times when Cloudflare WARP stuck at connecting and no matter how long you wait, it doesn’t connect.

Cloudflare is helpful for me because my ISP isn’t great with many servers, but it has peering with Cloudflare. So, if the server from where I am downloading is actually fast, I get great speed while using WARP. There are many people who face the same problem and use it for better download speed.

However, many people are unable to connect with WARP and it often happens out of the blue for them. It just stuck at “Connecting” and nothing happens, whether it’s your computer, smartphone or tablet. If the same thing is happening with you, there could be some reasons behind the same and sadly, it’s most likely an issue at your ISP’s end. And only they might be able to fix it.

Cloudflare WARP stuck in “Connecting” reasons:

cloudflare warp connecting bug

It mainly happens when your ISP messes up something. So, if the issue is happening with all of your devices and even after making sure your Wi-Fi router settings are alright, it can only be fixed by your ISP. Still, if you still want to know the reasons then go ahead.

Cloudflare WARP IP addresses blocked-

Well, it’s rare but if your ISP doesn’t like Cloudflare for some reasons and decides to block it in the most obvious way, then they might decide to block IP addresses of their Client Orchestration API, DoH IP and/or WARP Ingress IP. It’s quite easy to diagnose, so most likely they won’t do it.

You can check whether they’ve blocked any or all of them by using simple ping command in Command Prompt/Terminal of your computer or phone.

Here are the IP addresses-

Client Orchestration API

IPv4 API Endpoint:


IPv4 DoH Address:

IPv6 DoH Address: 2606:4700:4700::1111

WARP Ingress IP

IPv4 Range:

IPv6 Range: 2606:4700:100::/48


Cloudflare WARP Ports blocked-

Your ISP could be blocking ports which are needed to run Cloudflare WARP and that could be stopping your devices from connecting to WARP. It’s one of the most common reasons because I was going through the same issue and found a bunch of people from different countries facing similar situation due to the same reason.

Cloudflare WARP works on UDP Port 2048 and can fallback to UDP 500, UDP 1701, or UDP 4500.

You can check whether you’re blocking these ports on your router but most likely it’s being done by your ISP. And the only thing you can do is call your ISP’s helpline and ask them to open these UDP ports. And if your ISP have decent employees then they should fix the problem for you soon. Otherwise, well, what can I say… good luck?

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