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Why you should keep your laptop connected to power?

Laptops are one of the most essential gadgets for many people these days. Nowadays, they are not just portable but also fairly powerful which makes them useful for many people who travel a lot, the students living in hostels and so on. However, one question laptop users often ask is whether they should keep their laptop connected to power or should disconnect it after it’s charged 100%.

Let me answer it before we start with the reasons- it’s best to keep your laptop connected to power and use it less over battery mode. And yeah, there are two main reasons behind this.

Why you should keep your laptop connected to power?

1. Battery Health:

Battery life of laptops

I heard many people claiming that keep your laptop connected to power-source for long will damage its battery. And it’s totally wrong.

Actually, when it is connected to power outlet, it doesn’t drain power from the battery. Instead, it uses power from the power outlet. So, considering you are not using your laptop’s battery, its battery health remains good for long time. So, you might end up with more than 95% battery health even after a year or two if you rarely use your laptop over battery.

2. Performance:

Gaming laptop

Majority of laptops don’t run at their full power when they are on battery mode. So, while you might not notice it easily during general tasks, it’s extremely obvious during gaming or intensive tasks such as video rendering.

However, your laptop will work at its full potential when it’s connected to power. However, you must remember that laptops aren’t great when it comes to thermals, as they are meant to be portable. So, the performance could throttle if your laptop starts overheating.


It will be best to use your laptop connected to power whenever possible. I know that laptops are supposed to be portable, so you might find it absurd that you should keep it plugged in. However, it totally depends on your needs. It will be even helpful in times when there is no power source. And in such a situation, you’re most likely going to have 100% battery on your laptop.

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