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What can you do about lock screen text in iPhone?

It’s quite common for Android users to add their name or write something as lock screen text. Some people like to add their alternative contact number as well, so in case their phone is lost and found by some good person, they can call to the owner. And meanwhile you might be wondering if it is possible to add lock screen text in iPhone or not.

Well, iOS doesn’t really have the exact same feature. There is kind of an alternative but it’s not that useful in every scenario.

What can you do about lock screen text in iPhone?

There is just one way to do something about it and that’s Medical ID. You can setup your Medical ID which can include information about you as well as you can add emergency contact numbers. So, if you wanted this just so you can get your phone back if it is lost, there will be hope.

However, it could be a little tricky for a stranger with no-iOS experience to do so, as you need to press any volume button alongside the lock button. Anyway, let me show you how you can setup and enable Medical ID on your lock screen.

1. First of all, you will need to go to Settings > Health.

Health option on iOS

2. Now open Medical ID.

3. Tap on Edit (at the upper right corner).

4. Fill in your details as well as add contacts.

5. Once you’re done, make sure to enable the option at the bottom called “Show when locked”. That’s it.

Lock screen text for iPhone


Well, that’s all you can do on iOS to get lock screen text in your iPhone. There is another way though. You can always add your name or whatever you want to your lock screen wallpaper by editing it. Well, that might be quite a bit of extra effort but it surely works. Apple should include this feature though, because it is useful in certain situations.

Adding lock screen text on iPhone Meme
Ah well, just a meme!

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