Apps to debloat in MIUI safely using Mi Debloat Tool!

Xiaomi smartphones, especially their Redmi and POCO series are priced very competitively. Hence, they are extremely popular. However, apart from their QC issues, their one of their biggest issues are bloatware apps they are included with. It’s very easy to debloat MIUI though, so it’s not an issue. The issue, however, is that not every app should be removed. So, here you can find the list of apps to debloat in MIUI safely.

There are some which could be useful for other functions and then there are some which are important for your phone to boot. And yes, removing certain apps can even lead to boot-loop.

There are custom ROMs which can be much better solution to these issues, but they are not everyone’s cup of tea. Custom ROMs tends to have bugs and issues apart from lacking features which MIUI offers. And some could even result in security and privacy issues. So, for those who love MIUI but don’t like the useless apps in their phone, they can use this list to debloat the useless apps.

Apps to debloat in MIUI using Mi Debloat Tool:

apps to debloat in MIUI using Mi Debloat Tool

Here are the apps which you can safely debloat but remember, your phone might not contain all of them. And not all apps are bad for your apps, these are just the apps which you can safely remove and can install their alternative of your choice.

1. Analytics

2. App Vault

3. Backup

4. Browser

5. Calculator

6. Calender

7. Clock

8. CatchLog

9. Cleaner

10. Compass

11. Digital Wellbeing


13. FM Radio

14. Facebook

15. Feedback

16. Freeform

17. Frequent Phrases

18. Games

19. GetApps

20. Hybrid Accessory

21. Joyose

22. MSA

23. Mail

24. Market Feedback Agent

25. Mi Cloud

26. Mi Credit

27. Mi Drop

28. Mi File Manager

29. Mi Mover

30. Mi Pay

31. Mi Share

32. Mi Recycle

33. MiConnectService

34. MiPlayClient

35. Mi Wallpaper Carousel

36 MiuiDaemon

37. Music

38. NextPay

39. Notes

40. PAI

41. Package Installer

42. Partner Bookmarks

43. Quick Apps

44. Quick Ball

45. Recorder

46. Search

47. SMS Extra

48. Scanner

49. Services & Feedback

50. Soter Service

51. UniPlay Service

52. Weather

53. Yellow Pages

54. Xiaomi Sim Activate Service

55. Xiaomi Service Framework

56. Yellow Pages

57. WMService

Optional Debloat List-

And here are some apps which you can safely debloat but might have issues with other features.

1. System Apps Updator– You can safely remove it but this is necessary if you want to update your system apps. I personally don’t use Mi Apps, so I nuke it whenever I use MIUI.

2. Mi Video– It helps in editing slo-mo videos recorded from your device. So, if you don’t care about slo-mo videos then you can safely uninstall it.

3. Vsimcore– It shows the data usage on Control Center as well as the old Notification panel. So, if you like to see your mobile data usage then don’t remove it. Otherwise, you can debloat it.


If you’re using MIUI then it’s recommended to debloat it. It doesn’t just remove the unnecessary apps but also helps to improve battery backup of your device. It can also result in slightly better performance of your device. A lot of Mi apps collect data and send them to Xiaomi servers, so you also save some KBs out of your mobile data pack. 😉

So, make use of this apps to debloat list in MIUI and make your device perform better.

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