Why Decrypted ROM is bad for you?

People who switch between custom ROMs often are getting inclined towards decryption. It is mainly due to TWRP or other custom recoveries not being able to decrypt A12 ROMs. So, if one doesn’t have SD card or OTG, it becomes hard to flash custom ROM or kernel. Due to these things, people often flash decrypted ROM or flash DFE to decrypt their ROM. At times, people unknowingly flash decrypted ROMs too. It’s quite bad for your phone’s data security though.

Why Decrypted ROM is bad for you? 

The data on your smartphone’s internal memory is usually encrypted, so unless you have connected your phone in Data Transfer mode, your PC won’t be able to access whatever is inside. And to do the same, you must unlock your device by using any security measure you are using. 

However, if your ROM is decrypted, it won’t require password or anything and anyone with physical access of your phone can steal your data. 

Now you might say- I don’t have anything important in my phone. What would someone do with my cat or dog’s pictures. Right? 

Decrypted ROMs are not good for security!

It’s not just about your photos but also saved password and other saved information (which can even include your card details, if you ever saved them). Yes, they can steal those data too. So, it could lead to serious troubles for you. 

What about flashing files if phone isn’t decrypted on Android 12? 

Well, it will be better if you use USB OTG cable, SD card or use ADB push/sideload in PC to flash anything. Also, some people like to keep their data save and dirty flash other ROMs. It doesn’t work like that in many recent smartphones. You might have a lot of trouble in most ROMs if they are not meant to be dirty flashed over the current build you’re using. 


At the end, it is your choice to think what you must do. It might be fine to use decrypted ROM if you never take it outside though. However, it’s important to have encryption if you take it outside with you. And also, if you don’t care about any data on your phone and don’t have sensitive information like your bank cards etc. saved then it is fine too.  

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