iPhones' Battery Health

iPhones’ battery health degrades faster than Android?

Apple faced a lot of criticism when we got to know that they deliberately slow down iPhones when the battery health is low. And after that, they provided the feature to see battery health as well as option to disable performance throttle. However, people started panicking seeing how quickly their phone’s battery health is degrading. 

Once the battery health option was available to check how long your battery could last compared to when it was new. However, many people started claiming that their iPhone’s battery health is draining extremely quickly. And then there those who claim that iPhones’ battery health degrades faster than Android phones. 

So, what is the real truth? 

Does iPhones’ battery health degrade faster than Android? 

Short answer- no. Their batteries don’t degrade faster or slower compared to any other device. It is totally dependent on your usage and some time- your unit. Things might look like it is true but there are many reasons for it. 

iPhones’ Battery Health Obsession:

iPhones' battery health

There have been apps in Android which used to help track the battery health of the phone even before Apple introduced this. People used to cry about their phone’s battery health being low too. However, when Apple introduced this, it was available to everyone and people got obsessed with it. 

I remember, when my friend got his first iPhone, he messaged me each time his phone’s battery health percentage dropped. It was quite funny and at the same time frustrating to see people being so much obsessed with all this. 

It is totally normal for batteries to not last as long as they used to. They degrade with time, whether they are used in iPhones or Android phones or your smartwatch. 

By the way, those apps for Android are not so accurate for phones with dual battery setup (used by most of OnePlus, Oppo, realme and Vivo flagships). So, if you are using phone with dual battery then you shouldn’t trust these apps for battery health stats. 

Inaccurate Results:

Considering it’s provided in iOS itself; people think it is highly accurate. It is not. Often, the results could be wrong. And the battery health could be much worse or much better than what’s shown there. The best thing you can do is compare how good or bad battery backup you’re getting out of your iPhone. 

Defect in Battery: 

There can be defect on your iPhone’s battery as well which could lead to fast degradation. If that’s happening with you and you’re still having replacement window open then get it replaced. And if you have bought it from Apple Store, get it checked once. 

However, if both options are not available for you then I got one good news and one bad news. 

The good news is that- Apple replaces iPhone battery for free if the battery health goes 80% or less within a year. And the bad news is that- it has to be 80% or less. 

If you’re lucky, you might get replacement anyway. So, try your luck. 


Well, that’s it. You don’t need to care about the battery health because it degrades just like how any normal Lithium battery would degrade. So, it is same for iPhones and Android phones. However, if things are just way too bad, then I recommend getting it checked at Apple service centre. As I said above, there could be defective battery on your phone. 

Another thing is- considering how slow iPhones charge, you shouldn’t think they will degrade any faster than Android phones.  

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